Why Hire Us

Here are 10 Reason Why You Should Hire Us

1. To reduce your labor costs! We are independent contractors which mean you don't need to even think about payroll taxes, vacation pay, sick days, worker's compensation and employee benefits such as health and dental insurance and there are no OSHA regulations to follow.

2. We work around your schedule to provide you a service whenever you need it. Think of them as your 'on-call' go to person. No need to hire part-time employees and hope you have enough work to keep them busy for the hours they work. With us, you only pay for time spent on YOUR project AND work can be done outside normal business hours.

3. VWO take on those every day essential tasks you don't have time for because you're too busy growing your business and wearing all the others hats you have to wear: sales and marketing manager, CEO, strategic planner, etc.

4. There's no need for an actual office if you don't need one or work from home.

5.There are no agency fees as with temporary employees.

6.You don't need to spend any money on employee training.

7. You won't pay any overtime and yet you'll still keep your projects on schedule.

8. We may have skills that you don't, desperately need but don't have time to learn.

9.Keep in mind that you are hiring a Virtual Assistant, you are hiring an individual who, prior to working for himself or herself, spent years working in the workforce as an Administrative or Executive Assistant. A high-quality Virtual Assistant is usually tech savvy and will have the necessary skills, knowledge and education to provide your business with top quality service.

10. Virtual Working Office Services is your collaborative partner to take on all those administrative tasks that distract you from your job of growing and running your business.


  • Marketing Support
Every Business needs a marketing team. Hiring our office will raise your production level and make it easy for your clients to form a good relation with your business. 

  • Email Campaigns
Email Campaigns are the least expensive form of customer acquisition. We can also integrate multiple email campaigns enhancing your relationship with your current or previous customers, to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Social Media Marketing  
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ are now the heart of marketing campaigns. Your most loyal and repeat customers will be acquired through this forum. This form of marketing is virtually, word of mouth which is the most trusted and effective of all campaigns when achieve
  • Blogging
The role of blogs has become increasingly mainstream, as political consultants, news services, and candidates began using them as tools for outreach and opinion forming. In 2005, Fortune magazine listed eight bloggers whom business people "could not ignore": Blogging is a natural search tool to build 'buzz' & build brand awareness. Deliver your message in a neutral setting.
  • Ad Post
Online classifieds are more powerful than ever. Ad post sites like Craigslist can be a great driver for your business. Craigslist reaches millions across the world. Ad posting campaigns can be timely and need strategic planning to acquire the right perception.

  • Customer Service Support

  • Outbound/Inbound Calls
We can handle all of your inbound customer service calls and contact customers on your behalf answering questions, concerns, and resolving issues.
  • Online Chats
Drive your business right from your website, you have spent the time and money developing a web presence and marketing it, now capture your observers and turn them into customers with a live chat operator.
  • Email Response
Email response can be a critical part of your business, but a task that takes critical time away from you as well. Let us allow you to give your time to what's important to your business
  • Order Processing
In any business fulfilling customer orders are as important as acquiring the customer itself. Whether you are selling a product or providing a service, it becomes necessary to quickly process your customers' orders.

  • Admin & Clerical Support

  • Data Entry
I maintain a database by entering new and updated customer, account information, inventory, BOM, invoicing, etc. Preparing source data for computer entry by compiling and sorting information; establishing entry priorities. Processing customer and account source documents by reviewing data for deficiencies; resolving discrepancies by using standard procedures or returning incomplete documents to the team leader for resolution. Maintaining data entry requirements by following data program techniques and procedures.
  • Scheduling
  • Calendar Management
How do you prefer me to do your calendar? Are there certain days you want to keep free? Do they want to schedule appointments on other days at specific times? Do they want you to schedule not only appointments, but phone calls, travel, etc., as well? Bottom line, I can't be expected to know what you want, but I can meet the requirements that you set and have open communication.
  • Travel Planning
I take the trip before you do. This doesn’t mean I get on a plane and check everything out in New York, would be great but I don't have that luxury! What that means is, I mentally take this trip as if I was in your shoes from the moment you leave your house to the moment you get back and consider every step in between and then break it down into a very easy to read format containing all important details. I get to know your travel preferences and always revisit your experience to improve future trips.
  • Market Research

Don't let your time be wasted in looking up information on the web, searching for addresses, phone numbers or putting lists together, your dedicated Research Clerk will be able to get you the information you need, put your lists together, provide product info and comparisons. Need a list of links to do your own research, let us cut down some timely steps and get you closer to your answers.

  • 24 Hour Support

  • Chat with an Agent for all your support questions
  • Email Us 



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